Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Some dogs will greet you by climbing all over you for attention, demanding that you focus on them and only then.  We'll call this Group A.  There are those that are more subtle with their attention-seeking.  They'll greet you enthusiastically but not jump up and demand center stage.  They are more reserved, more gracious.  We'll call this Group B.  Then of course, there are those dogs that want nothing to do with you.  These are the dogs that belong to other people.  These are friendly "other people dogs", but they generally do not charge you with the "long-lost friend" greeting.  Those of you with dogs can probably agree that your own furry canine fits into either Group A or Group B.  (Unless of course your dog doesn't like you and you can therefore safely label yourself an ass-hat.  I'm sure even Hitler's dog was excited to see him.  Really though, Hitler always seemed to me to be more of a cat person.  But I digress.)  

So Nyxie falls squarely into Group A.  The euphoric, jump in mid-air and lick you wildly greeting is my daily experience.  She does this for all of her pack members, and only her pack members.  The rest of you be damned (Nyxie's words, not mine).    Short or long absences are not her concern.  Taking a stroll to the mailbox sometimes earns you a hero's welcome.  It's quite an ego boost if I do say so myself.

Arwen isn't a Group A member, unless it's dinnertime and she can't seem to help herself.  Even these wild displays for her are graceful - more "Ice Skater Ivana" than "Mosh Pit Molly".  But then she settles into the routine of quietly following me around.

Regardless of greeting style or Group membership, they share one thing in common - they must be near me.   I have quite the entourage.  Wherever I go, the 2 girls are just a footfall behind me.  As I type, they're laying around my chair.  When I was in the other room, they chewed their bones at my feet.  If I were to go to the bathroom - yup, you guessed it.  My royal subjects would escort me.  I'll often turn on a dime and collide violently with my 2 furry minions.  I'm not really sure what they expect me to do.  I'll admit to some performance anxiety at times - Do I dance for them?  Pantomime?  Maybe sing?

No.  None of that's important.  What's important is that we're close.  Arwen will find the spot on the couch closest to me, ideally touching me.  Then she'll curl up and close her eyes.  I sleep the easiest when they are close.  When the breathing slows and I can feel the warmth of their furry bodies together with mine.  Of course having Matt there helps.  After all, he is part of the pack, too...


  1. Thanks for coming over and visiting my bloggie! I would like to apply for memmership in your Group B, pawlese.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Very entertaining blog. I look forward to reading more.


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