Saturday, July 28, 2012

No More Stink Eyes

These hot, summer days mean shorter walks, less outdoor snooping and more laying about waiting.  Just woefully waiting, for fun.  I know this because here are the "stink eyes" I've been getting:  

Do something to amuse us! We're bored and it's all your fault!

I was in big trouble, folks.  Too many more stink eyes like this and I would turn into a permissive, ice-dispensing, treat pinata.  So it was time for a trip to the dog toy store.  Please note that anywhere you look in the house, there's at least one dog toy gathering dust.  The Nylabones of a few months ago have been chewed down to nubs:

See that little nub of a bone?  Used to be about 9 inches long...Nyxie has thrown herself onto the ground in protest!

We came home with 3 shiny, new Nylabones, and this is what we saw:  

No more dirty looks!!  So in honor of good times and playing doggies, we made these:  

Play, Dog!  Number 2 in the Stick Dog Collection for Conversation Glass

Thanks for stopping by Arwen's Pack and our shop, Conversation Glass.  We've had some questions about shipping to Canada - we've actually sent quite a few bundles up north to Canada and all the glasses and vases have made it there just fine!  Also, the paw prints and "Play Dog" collection stick dogs can be etched on any glassware in the shop (it just needs to be a clear surface).  We can also etch letters for personalization!  

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

I've been on vacation!
Which means... fun, sun and I've actually worked really hard on our online store, Conversation Glass.  I guess you could say I'm a bit of a workaholic, but you do what you have to so everything keeps humming along.  This vacation was spent preparing for (gasp!) the holiday rush when shoppers will need presents for everyone on their lists.

You know, when I was a kid I thought the adults around me were crazy to even be thinking about the holidays before December 15th.
Damn.  Now I'm a crazy adult.

Regardless, the 3 Puparoos have been spending their days enjoying time with Mom, time chewing on bones and learning to get along.  I'm always stunned at how tough dogs play with one another.  This is a rough and rowdy crew, see for yourself:

Yes, she ALWAYS wins
We brought home a new memory foam bed for Arwen.  You might remember that my oldest has spinal arthritis (although at playtime you'd never know it) and I've been trying to find her a nice, supportive bed for some time.  I brought it home, tossed her old bed out into the living room, put the huge new one on our bed so I could vacuum the bedroom, turned to pull it down to her spot, and...

"Watcha doin, Mom?"  
The 2 youngsters were giving the new bed a try.  Is it me, or is one of Nyxie's devil wings showing?  (They're awfully small - think Heimlich in A Bug's Life)   Arwen did eventually get to enjoy her bed, but I had to run a couple of Nosy McNosertons off of it first.

Synchronized bone-chewing with help from Dad
Then there are some perfect, vacation days like this one.  Happy Dog Days of summer!