Saturday, June 30, 2012


A weekend off from the vet hospital means 2 days of Conversation Glass work time!  We're taking bottle labels off of new bottles, then cutting and sanding them, all to restock the store.  And making room for the new, means saying goodbye to the old.  Yup, there's a sale on.  What a flurry of activity!  At least from the 2-legged members of the pack.  

These were a large order of tea light hurricane lamps we sent last week

Our coffee machine is getting nervous..."they're making a army!"

Here is what the other 3 are up to: snoopervising between siestas...


Always sleeping with one eye open

"Keep that racket down!  I'm recharging!"

If you aren't too tuckered out, come see our SALE in progress at Conversation Glass.  You just might find something special.  Happy weekend, Snoopervisors and Snoopervisees!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fenway gets Tutored. "Please, No Pictures"

Fenway's big day came last week.  Yes, he was neutered.  There was much talk of him going under the knife in the days leading up to his surgery day.  Even though I assist with this surgery almost every day, it feels so  different when it's your own kiddo.  That morning, he bounced about happily as I clasped his collar around his well-muscled neck in preparation for "school".  Little did he know what lay ahead.

"YEAH!  We're going to school!!"

His day took a curious turn when breakfast never came.  Then there were the premedication injections to prep him for surgery.  He looked so worried, even for Fenway with his perpetual furrowed brow.  I know he wondered why I was allowing all this to happen.  I had to be stoic and strong.  The last thing he needed was to pick up on my own anxiety.  I think I pulled it off like a ninja.  I bet my coworkers would disagree...

Prepping for surgery

His surgery went well, thanks to his brilliant Doctor!  It's a strange feeling to put something you value so much in someone else's hands.  I guess that's why they call it "trust".  My coworkers were great, laying out a special rest and recovery area for my Fenny-Fenny-Foo-Foo (just one of his many aliases).

Try as I might to keep him warm, he wanted to turn onto his back  - his favorite position!

He was a bit "lowdog' for the rest of the evening, but eventually ended up finding his place by the window, my Happy Sundog.  Most likely trying to find his lost huevos and dignity.

"Please.  No pictures"

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Missing Pack

The last time Arwen's Pack published a blog post was April 12th.

That was over a month and a half ago!  Do you all still remember us?  Let me give you some reminders of who we are in case some of you forgot.  First we have Arwen, our Iron Fist Curtain Diva, who is still very much in charge of her pack.
Spring picture, "cheese?"

 Then we have Nyxie, our resident Chicken-Heart Guardian, loyal minion of Arwen:
And finally, we have Fenway, the Little Brother of the pack and resident snuggler, paper towel & sock connoisseur, and sister tormentor.  (other aliases include:  FennyFennyFooFoo, Runtabull, and T's favorite, Butt-holio):
"Cheese?  WHERE!!??"
So where have we been?  Where should I start...
After much practice, sore knees and sweaty hours on the treadmill and trails, I ran a 5K!!  I ran the 2012 Fort Worth Zoo Run with T, and 3 other friends at the end of April.  It was exciting, fulfilling, and a huge fitness milestone for me.  This was a hard-fought battle but I did it!  I was so very proud of T for running with me - she beat my time with only a few practice runs under her belt.  Ahh, the glory of youth!

May ushered in several evening events for the final days of T as a middle schooler.  I can hardly believe she's headed to high school.  Neither can she, really, so there were many hours of convincing, cajoling and promising that high school will not be a living horror show.  Not a word, folks.  Not one word!

We had a busy several weekends.  We attended the Texas Frightmare convention, where cast members of one of our favorite TV shows, The Walking Dead were in attendance to answer questions and be drooled over. (I did mention that Norman Reedus was there, right?) 

I like to imagine that in this pic he was reaching past the security lady to give me a big hug...
Matt and I opened a second online store, Conversation Glass on Etsy.  We take glass bottles destined for landfills and create hand-cut, hand-sanded & polished glassware.  Sustainable goods, repurposed to make something beautiful.  It's a win-win situation.  And it's pretty fun to do, actually.  I hope you'll have a look at our glassware - we're pretty proud of it!!  Please follow us on Facebook (Conversation Glass) or Twitter (@ConvoGlass) and Pinterest (Conversation Glass).  There will be giveaways coming soon :)  Here are some samples:
Tall Wine Bottle Tumblers:

Blue Beer Bottle Juice Glasses:

Green Perrier Bottle Tumblers:

Finally, this past week brought us the last official week of school for T.  And her summer visit to her grandparents' house.  It's been quiet at home today.  And now that I can put up the stepmom hat for a short while, I can get back to blogging!  

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, but they've been a part of everything we do and I just didn't feel right jumping back in to Blogville without letting you know why I've had no time to blog.  I've missed you all and can't wait to catch up!