Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reconnecting part 3

November started with a bang.  I took my vacation (Thursday was my last vacation day...) and have watched cooler weather change our late Texas leaves.  

Vacation days = breakfast with friends!

If you look closely, you can see what Arwen is focused on - the ducks that fly in every fall to take refuge!

We participated in our first local craft show.  While not lucrative, it was a learning experience and now we have 1 show under our belts!  WooT!  Next stop, City Lights in Dallas in another week or so.  

Our 1st craft show!  Want to sign our guestbook?

The same night of our craft show, we attended the Vetro GlassBlowing Studio's Glass on the Tracks annual art auction in Grapevine, TX.  Each year, they select certain pieces of glass art to be put under a massive, wooden, glass-obliterating  guillotine.  The studio's owner then calls out names of attendees and asks them questions about the studio, their process and some of their more famous pieces.  If the person can answer the question correctly, they can take home the piece for free!  If they are wrong, the piece goes up for a 30 second auction.  If the reserve isn't met, they smash the piece!  It's heart-wrenching, for sure.  Matt was called up and having been on the Vetro Glass website a few weeks prior, answered his question correctly.  We are now the proud owners of a very beautiful glass rondelle!   He has since wanted to be called "The Winner" at all family gatherings.  **hanging head in embarrassment **

Picture doesn't do this Nebula justice!

While on vacation, I decided I'd try a little change and dyed my hair!  This way, if it was a horrible train-wreck, I could fix it without added embarrassment.  This was my first ever attempt at hair-dying and actually kind of loved it!  Matt has decided that we should dye Arwen and Fenway black also, so that our neighbors would think we have 1 dog that looks smaller and fuzzier at times.  I've vetoed this suggestion.  
You've lost this battle, Winner...

A whole new world of coloring fun has been opened to me - where have I been all these years?!

At least now everyone can see that Nyxie is my daughter!

"You look like me now, Mom!"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reconnecting part 2

In October, we worked really, really hard to be ready for our 1st craft show.  Making glasses, tea lights, sanding, wrapping and boxing more glassware than you can imagine.  Much of our October was spent working on things like this:

This is a champagne bottle glass 1/2 done.  Next stop: hand-sanding!

Meanwhile, we couldn't let the month get past us without at least some Halloween fun.  T likes to dress up Fenway in his many, many outfits.  His most recent addition is his Batdog costume, which she bought just for him.  This was the culmination to the Batdog ensemble of a handmade collar with a handmade Batman symbol she made many months ago - you guessed it, just for him.  He wears this on a fairly regular basis.  You never know who's going to show up around here...

T calls this "Casual Sunday" - no cape and suit required

Then there are business formal days - crime never takes a vacation!

Part 3 tomorrow...

Reconnecting part 1

Holy cow.
It's been over 3 months since I last posted!
Do you still remember us?

I'm happy to tell you nothing horrible has happened.  We've been humming along quietly, steadily and without catastrophic incident for the past 3 months.  Phew!  With that said, we have been insanely busy, so this will be a 3 part post:  

Our little online recycled bottle-crafting shop, Conversation Glass, has been growing and we've been working our little fingers to the bone.  My full time job has been understaffed lately and work has continued busy there, although I'm on vacation right now (1 more day left).  Our 14 year old daughter has been sharing her 9th grade growing pains with more fervor than a Tea Party conservative.  While nothing catastrophic has happened, we haven't had many spare seconds.  All except for the dogs, who are constantly snoopervising.

Notice Arwen ignoring the overflowing toy box and trying instead to fit into her brother's tiny bed.

So what have we been up to?

In September, T started at special math/engineering high school that she actually loves.  Yes, folks - our kid loves her school.  If you've been paying attention, this is a first for her.  She's also started JROTC and loves this, too.
**climbs back into chair after passing out**
I can't even type this without being in shock.  We've had some ups and downs, and have learned that 9th grade sucks.  Again.

T actually DOES have a face, but she is under covert assignment at present.
Stay tuned for Part 2

P.S.  Congrats to President Obama - now let's get to work!