Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reconnecting part 2

In October, we worked really, really hard to be ready for our 1st craft show.  Making glasses, tea lights, sanding, wrapping and boxing more glassware than you can imagine.  Much of our October was spent working on things like this:

This is a champagne bottle glass 1/2 done.  Next stop: hand-sanding!

Meanwhile, we couldn't let the month get past us without at least some Halloween fun.  T likes to dress up Fenway in his many, many outfits.  His most recent addition is his Batdog costume, which she bought just for him.  This was the culmination to the Batdog ensemble of a handmade collar with a handmade Batman symbol she made many months ago - you guessed it, just for him.  He wears this on a fairly regular basis.  You never know who's going to show up around here...

T calls this "Casual Sunday" - no cape and suit required

Then there are business formal days - crime never takes a vacation!

Part 3 tomorrow...


  1. We are diggin the formal wear. Just brilliant pix. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I know how pawesome your produkhts are!

    Just sayin'


  3. Thanks for stopping by Molly and appreciating the handsome fellow in all his finery. Khyra, I hope your mom is still loving her Grey Goose glasses - she picked one of my favorites ;)

  4. Fenway has so always belonged in your pack...what a character (and so patient)!

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