Monday, September 6, 2010


I know you may be considering that "Ice" is a funny title for early September, but I am not referring to the frozen water that falls from the skies or that which takes shape on the ground.  No, I am referring to the magical little half-moon shapes dropped into the ice cube tray in noisy "thunks" throughout each day.  From anywhere in my home, I can call the girls by simply opening the freezer and grabbing an ice cube.  Any rattle of the bucket will send them flying to the edge of the kitchen.  Arwen will break the rules and cross the threshold, just to be a toe's lead ahead of her baby sister.

Ice cubes?  Really?  I would never have thought that such a simple treat would get such mileage!  Arwen is such an ice hound, that if I drop a bunch of cubes in the water bowl, she'll fish them out.  Entire snout into the icy water!  I suppose the cold isn't something she throws much concern towards.  Other than the icy cubes in the water, she's a bit funny about drinking water.  We won't even talk about how she feels about bath water...

After a recent urinary tract infection, we realized that she just wasn't drinking enough water.  Matt suggested that the bowl was the problem so we tried almost every bowl in the house, figuring she'd settle on one of them.  It was like trying to find the right shoe for the glass slipper.  Size, shape, glass, ceramic, then tiny sauce bowl.  Ah yes - this was the one!  So Arwen now drinks from the micro-water bowl next to the regular water bowl.  This small, white sauce bowl is rather ridiculous.  I fill it at least 7 or 8 times each day.  Royalty knows no shame.

Nyxie loves her giant water bowl and her current practically exclusive use of it!  When in desperation Arwen sinks to drinking out of it, I know she's giving me a sideways hairy eyeball.  Nyxie requires water EVERY time we return from the outside.  Even after a 2 minute quickie pee trek.  Yup - more water.  No sooner is her leash off than she's making a mad dash around the corner to the bowl.

My girls are quirky.  I suppose they take after their mother.

The picture below was taken before the use of the micro-water bowl.  Note the ice vigil...


  1. I must be one of the only khanines not khalled by the sound of ice!

    Nice paw work BTW!


  2. We've never tried ice...and in our climate!

    XXXOOo Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I luvs ice in mai water bowl too but teh absolute bestest iz drinking owt of mai purrsons glass, nom!

  4. Phantom isn't at all interested in ice cubes,no big surprise from Mr. Picky Boy. But TD and Ciara LOVE ice cubes, BUT they have to be IN the water in the water bowl, not just from the freezer. Half the fun of ice cubes is sloshing the water all over the floor:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. So funny, I was just going to write about this too. I've been reading about all these people making frozen treats for their dogs, then I realized that our dogs will do anything just for plain ice. The worst is when we have people over and they go to get a drink and all of a sudden the pooches hear the ice and come running over to descend on them.


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