Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spoiler Alert & Disclaimer - Severe whining and complaints about warm weather and sunshine.  Writer's exact location remains anonymous for her protection from those of you still caught in winter's grasp.  

I want to blame Texas.  Yeah, the whole state.  I want to blame springtime and Mother Nature.  I want to blame Matty for taking me to a car show at the Texas Motor Speedway.  But I have only one person to blame - myself.

As much as I love the rebirth of the trees, grass and flowers, I dread the Texas heat.  We're moving from Brown Season to Green Season here.  During the winter months, North Texas turns brown.  The trees, the grass, the bushes and scrub, even the roads look brown.  We've dubbed this "Brown Season" in our home.  As the season changes and the wildflowers begin to bloom in the think tufts of new green grass, the sun is slowly, silently getting stronger.  I've noticed the soil cracking where it used to be lush and moist.  No longer so.  These are the sweet, rich days of spring.  The shortest, most bittersweet season in Texas.  Everyone knows what's looming - the heat!

Resident ducks basking in Brown Season's brown water

So why is this significant, you ask?  I'll tell you, but it won't be pretty.

We went to a huge (everything's bigger in Texas) custom car show in Justin, TX this past weekend.  The skies were overcast when we left home but soon turned sunny as we arrived, a light breeze blowing endlessly.  The show was actually quite fun.  I especially enjoyed watching Matty pass on to his daughter the love he has for cars.  For all things mechanical and driven.  For all those things I take for granted.  We arrived there around 11am, and didn't leave until around 5pm when Matt noticed Taylor's arms looking a bit pink, and my chest and shoulders looking reddish.  After seeing all the interesting old cars and enjoying some of the old school Rockabilly culture, we headed towards home with a few stops along the way.

Matty and T

My favorite.  Can't you just see the girls' co-piloting for me?

Yup - those are coolers they're riding.  The motors are pretty fast on those things!
This is my 2nd choice favorite.  No room for the girls, though...

We dropped by a hobby store manned by a single shopkeeper, whose eyes widened as we walked in.
"Got a bit of sun today, huh?" he grinned.

I really hadn't looked at myself since the morning and a quick check in the mirror revealed what he saw.  I was a rebel red lobster!  All the skin that had been exposed throughout the day was fire engine red.  I groaned, knowing the pain would come fast and hard.

Clearly not me, but Will Ferrell demonstrating my misery and raising awareness for a good cause,  

At home, I applied aloe, and took some Advil.  And waited.  Sunday was uncomfortable and painful.  I made Flower Pup collars all day and found that sitting fairly still was a grand idea.  Sunday night the pain intensified.  I tried a cool shower and almost came undone. I was scheduled to work Monday afternoon, but since trying to put on a sweatshirt to take the girls out that evening resulted in tears, I called in sick.  Monday evening the blisters started and I had chills whenever I moved too much.  The girls lay beside me in bed, vigilant and worried.  The unspoken understanding of weakness in a pack member.  Each time I got up, Nyxie would watch me with lowered head.  I'm quite sure "broiled" isn't what she's used to smelling from me.  Arwen just snuggled closer.


I knew I couldn't be wrestling any creatures at work the way I was feeling so I called out sick again on Tuesday. I felt so ridiculous.  I couldn't leave the house.  I couldn't even walk the dogs comfortably.  They're used to walkies on Mom Stay At Home days.  Not these days.  I hid from the sun like a mole.  Both Monday and Tuesday started out overcast, settling into sunny skies in the afternoons.  My blinds have been shut.

Yesterday I went to work.  It hurt.  But I bought sunscreen on the way home.

As I write this on a warm, breezy and sunbeam filled day, my skin reminds me to stay indoors.  I'm physically nervous to go outdoors.  I had a disagreement with the sun.  I thought there'd be a few more days, weeks, even a month or two to prepare.  I was wrong.  You might be pale, you may need more gym time, you may need to make summer camp plans.  But more time is a luxury you just don't have.  Ready or not, spring is here.  I'm ready now.  I have my sunscreen.


  1. Oh, mom's got burned real bad before!! She almost died...or so she said, but I think she eggsagerated!

    Remember, enjoy beautiful weather in moderations!

  2. Oh yes, Mom feels your pain. As a youngster, she had many bad sunburns and huge blisters. A lot wiser now, she has to hope her children remember the sunscreen too. And the little bipeds get to take baths in it:) Have you tried applying cool tea bags to your skin - also refreshing. Also if you can find it any more, nupercainal cream is helpful. Feel better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh momma learned a valuable lesson
    Benny & Lily

  4. OOOh, sorry you got too much sun! Mommy says she got a bad sunburn when she was much younger, and it isn't fun. Hope you feel better soon! :)

    Woofs & hugs to you!


  5. Owie! We hope you feel better soon.

    Teddy Bear

  6. Here in NM it is like that only with elevation so we are closer to the flames! Momma needs a double thick coat of fur like we Eskies have because her tender pale Hungarian skin crisps in about 20 minutes...she's the one in the long sleeves standing in the shade. Feel better soon.

  7. I has nefur gotted the sunburns but my sis Sydney did once. When she had her brokened hip fixed they shaved her whole side and mom catched her sunning with no furs on!

  8. WOW, I would kill for a sunburn right now, LOL! Well not really, but I certainly could live with the 3 feet of snow on my front lawn disappearing NOW! It was a balmy -19c this morning when I left the house. Yes, I really SHOULD move to Texas, I would probably enjoy it more, LOL!

    Enough whining from us poor wintery folk in Saskatchewan!!! :) And hope you heal up fast; I know the misery of a horrible sunburn!!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

  9. Oh goodness. I tink maybe you got's too much sun. I am very sorry to hear bout all da pain. Not good!

  10. Sorry to hear you got so sick from being sunburned. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Our Mom remembers some BAD SUNBURNS like yours. Not good!! Sorry about yours. VERY painful and miserable. Good you got sunscreen now. Maybe bathe in it..
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas & mom

  12. Your voodoo doll packs a powerful magic! Thanks so much from dad and all of us!

  13. I feel for you. I once had a very bad sunburn; my friend was shocked when she saw my back.

    I hope you're on the mend and the burns are going away soon. I've heard plain yoghurt on the burns can help ease the pain.

  14. Ohhh, I feel your sunburn pain. So sorry! Oh, feel better soon!

    That Edsel photo at the car show brought back memories. My parents had 2 of them and my older sister had 1 when I was growing up! I don't care what "they" say - they were awesome cars!

    Thank you for your nice words on my blog! The Husky that needs a transport lift is in Athens, Alabama. If you know of anyone, I know her new mom would be thrilled!

    Please feel better soon!!!

    PS - your babies look adorable in their pics - and a little worried about Mom.

  15. Such a cool place! That roadster was stylin :) My fav though had to be the motorized on the butt what could be better? :D

    Now to your baddy bad burn...O.U.C.H!!! Glad you have the sunscream weapon now ;) So, even the burns are bigger in Texas? Chuckle Chuckle Ow! Why'd you smack me on the back of the head Mom? Confound it woman!
    Mom here. Sorry, sometimes he just can't help himself. Sigh.

    Waggin at ya,


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