Thursday, July 28, 2011


Our pack was incomplete for a few months.  T went to visit her grandparents and enjoy summer fun like Zoo Camp and Science Camp at Auburn University.  She had a good time enjoying carefree summer days with little to do.  That's what summer means, after all.  But we missed her terribly.

For the first few weeks, Matt and I came home to quiet.  We thought we'd be excited to have time away from the 13 year old.  There's only so much excitement in watching True Blood in the middle of the day.  We looked at each other and felt sad.  A part of us was missing and far away.  As the weeks wore on, the sadness lessened and we enjoyed each other's company.  We're best friends, soulmates, so the time spent was wonderful.  But somewhere in the back of our minds, we were always missing T.

My boss rescued some kittens and brought them to the clinic.  She wanted to make them visible to clients, and I offered to bring little Haimmie's cage for them to use.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to clean out Haimmie's toys and hammocks.  I didn't expect Nyxie's to sniff and paw at the cage, stuffing her snooter into each hammock desperately trying to find him.  It had been a couple of weeks since he crossed the Bridge.  I thought she understood that he was gone.  It was bittersweet to see her concern.  I caressed her and distracted her with tennis balls.

T came home this past Sunday.  She ran to us at the gate and we hugged her hard.  We had breakfast at The All Good Cafe, one of our favorite diners in Dallas, and came home to relax.  She had missed her dogs, especially Nyxie who is always up for a cuddle or a game.  At the sound of her voice, Nyxie let out one stern bark and then started to whine.  We let them out of their crates and both dogs ran and danced, tails wagging, zooming with joy.  There's nothing quite like the joy of dogs.

Before she left, Nyxie was in the habit of barking at T when T would come out of her bedroom.  We couldn't figure out why, and it was an obnoxious behavior that we were continually trying to break.  Since she's returned, there hasn't been a single bark.  Not a single, solitary squeak.

Maybe like us, she didn't realize how much she's miss her when she was gone.

T and her shadow...


Please keep in mind that this is prime heartworm disease time, and rad my article for The Examiner Dallas about heartworm disease - "What you don't know could kill your dog"  A refresher on the basics can't hurt, right?

Also, I wrote an article for Hello Dallas about dogs and water safety, "Doggie Paddling Through the Long, Hot Summer" about tips for water fun with Fido.

As always, please let me know what you think either here or directly on the sites themselves.  Thanks and happy weekend!


  1. It is nice to have some time without them but oh how much they are missed:)

    Mom brought Gypsy, the little bipeds' lab, home from the kennel this afternoon as the family is getting in later tonight and wouldn't be able to get her until tomorrow. Gypsy was very happy to see Mom, but when they got to her own home, she cried and cried in the car, and then raced all through the house trying to find them. Mom stayed with her for a couple of hours so she wouldn't be lonely.

    Wonder how long it will be before Nyxie starts that barking again? ;-)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. So good to have everyone back together again.

  3. It's wonderful that you're all together again! Nyxie has her buddy back!

    Good reminder about heartworm...

  4. I'm constantly amazed how pets react others being gone and then returning. So glad things are back to normal again.

  5. I was away for three weeks and when I was home and surrounded by those four-legged kids, it was the best moment!

    So glad that all of you are together again!

  6. I love seeing the dogs greet one of the pack that has just come home from being away!!! The joy is so special!! I just love dogs and most everything about them.
    Yes, come Monday late afternoon I will have a little dog here!!!! I'll take pictures!!
    xx, Fern
    Have a good week-end.

  7. Our dogs have had to adopt family children sheep, but they never forget them when they return.

  8. We're glad the pack is all together again! Nyxie looks very happy to have T home with her! What a sweet photo!

  9. I love a happy reunion story!

    The Man Of The House and the Girl Of The House come home late tonight after five days in Dublin. It's the longest I've ever been without the MOTH.

    I can't wait to see him come through the door.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  10. T is adorable. So is her shadow. You have a beautiful pack, humans and canines alike.

    Thanks for the heartworm reminder. I started Tommy on preventative meds last month and we're just about due for the next pill.

  11. When someone from the family is missing it is like the Circle somehow has an opening that shouldn't be there. The pups feel it accutely and even though the break offers other opportunities there is still always that draft reminding that the Circle needs closing. Glad everyone is home together again.

    Keep sounding the word about Heart worms! It is a horrible disease that we almost lost Puff to. Thank goodness she survived.

  12. So glad you are all reunited! Not fun when one of the pack members is away! Stay cool :)

    Waggin at ya,

  13. It's definitely a sad time when one of the pack is missing. I know, because I'm sad when Taylor leaves the house... and mommy... and daddy.

    Glad she's home! Thanks for the great articles! :)

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  14. What a sweet post! It's always good to have everyone under one roof.


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