Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The boxes are out, the bubble wrap is loud and the dogs are leery. Arwen's been through it with us 3 times before, she knows the signs of an upcoming move. Poor Nyxie's been through only one move but it was a long one. So long, in fact that we had to have a week's visit with the in-laws to catch our collective breath. This move will be a tiny one, just 2 buildings over. It doesn't seem so far when you consider it from that perspective. No moving truck and most of our stuff isn't even boxed yet.

This year has seen many changes. Seven months ago we were seriously considering a move to New Orleans...ah New Orleans, how I miss you. But it wasn't meant to be, not yet at least. Our small family grew to include my stepdaughter on a permanent basis, making us whole again. We're sorting out the parent of a "tween" thing one day at a time. The dogs adore her and she has them wrapped around her little finger, much like we are I suppose.

So we are going to a larger home. The smells will be different, the doggy beds in a new room. The dogs will have to adapt. But they will do just that.
"Oh we live here now? Ok. Where's my bed and bowl?" They have simple needs. They'll wonder at us with big eyes as we lock up the old place,
"We're all going together, right?"
"Yes, girls. We're all going together" That's what packs do.

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