Sunday, April 4, 2010


The first thing I see this afternoon as I wake...eyes. Two pairs, in fact, waiting for me to stir and make dinner. I could feel them on me, even before I opened my own. Arwen's silver blue and Nyxie's sparkling brown. These are our 2 dogs, and they want dinner. NOW. If the staring doesn't work, there's a practiced repertoire of jumping up and settling between me and Matt. This could go on for quite some time, mostly just enough movement to shake the bed. On and then off, on, then off, on, off...
I'm up, I'm up.
The nap was necessary. I had spent the last 24 hrs or so enjoying a visit from my old college roommate, Amy, her husband, Ray, and their family. After all these many years later (ok, not THAT many) we found each other on Facebook and got back in touch. What a relief. Her friendship kept me sane then and I've no doubt it will do so now.
But I digress. We took the kids to dinner, went back to the hotel and let them watch movies while we laughed and drank beer. Breakfast this morning and then they were gone too soon. They live 4 hours away and we've been lucky enough to visit each other 4 times since Facebook worked last year. One of those trips was a reunion with our beloved New Orleans. It was a reunion because I was lucky enough to visit Amy and Ray for a few months about 10 years ago while they lived there. But that's a story for another time.
And as always, the dogs are waiting for us to come home and then waiting for us to wake from our nap, and then waiting for their dinner. They wait, and wait. I'm constantly astounded by their patience. And grateful. Grateful that like the greatest of friends, they are there when we need them most. They are the reason I am a veterinary technician, and the reason I love them.

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