Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've reflected before on the Texas breezes that blow almost constantly. Today blew in a funny moment you might appreciate. I went home to let the girls out and to feed the ailing ferret during my lunch break. Haimmie's on a strict feeding schedule that will hopefully keep him from having an ugly insulin crash. About 4 times a day, I warm up his beef baby food and mix it with water. I then make sure he goes down to the lowest level of his cage to eat. Nah, he's not spoiled either.

So I have to rush each girls' potty trip - it's really more of a speed pee. I have to make it home, feed Haimmie, walk both girls, and get back to work before 3pm. They don't get much time for this. Anything can throw this tight schedule right off. Birds, another dog, a maintenance man, a butterfly, you name it. And rain is right out. They won't even consider urinating when the grass is wet.

Today, the source of distraction was a square foot or so of white plastic. Probably the corner of a tarp, seemingly harmless and blowing past me and Nyxie just as she's ready to squat. Nyxie goes into uber-alert mode, ears and eyes focused on the windswept plastic. It tumbled and drifted just out of her reach until she worked herself into a play-barking frenzy. She was absolutely tingling with excitement, her nose working overtime to get just a slight whiff of this new potential playmate. She kept a good eye on this cool character as it blew off into the open field. It never gave her any attention at all. Poor Nyxie - a rushed speed pee and then to face the indignity of rejection. All this in a matter of 8 windy minutes.

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