Monday, June 14, 2010


As I sit and type this, I hear Nyxie huffing muffled barks from behind my chair. This goes on for hours. She is ever vigilant, ever watchful and always ready. I'm not sure what she's ready for, but I suspect she'll know "it" when "it" comes. Or so she'd have us believe. Sometimes there are full-on barks of alarm. We've heard nothing of course. Maybe a beetle hit the front door hard enough for her to hear. What a dangerous world we must live in from her perspective! I'm not ungrateful for her protection, but I'd love to set her at ease sometimes. It must be stressful to maintain such a vigil. And all for the safety of her pack. Arwen's pack. All the while, Arwen just lays there with eyebrows raised. I can almost hear her whisper,

"Silly dog, don't tire yourself for nothing. I'll tell you when to worry"

I went back to work today after a week's time off. I can honestly say I was excited to see my friends and catch up on the week I missed. And then there were those who's perspective continues to be negative and dismal. This I didn't miss. This is the energy I'm working on rejecting. It can take a single negative comment or attitude that'll spread like cancer. I'm teaching mini-Matt about this. I don't see this as stuffing your feelings at all. Rather like looking through a different lens.

I know I sound like some kind of sap, but after a week away, I'm recharged. Stronger, confident, positive. This is the energy Arwen exudes. The calm confidence of a leader, of a matriarch. After a week with my family, I know better who I am and Arwen continues to show me how to get there.

Now if only those silly beetles would quit hitting their heads against the door...

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