Friday, December 3, 2010


Hope is a forward-looking longing.  A moment to seek something beyond ourselves and to see it in a positive light.  I have the feeling that this coming year will bring change.  And I have hope that this change will be good, long-overdue change.  My blogs have been few and far between as of late, a symptom of my mood, I'm afraid.  Every time I've sat at this computer and decided to blog, I've had writer's block.  Not for a lack of trying, but nothing noteworthy has really happened.  Or so I've felt.  The routine has been monotonous and I've felt in a rut.  The girls have been doing fine, same routines as always, the kiddo's been mostly good and the job's the job.  So why discuss hope now?

I can't pinpoint exactly how things have already changed, although I know there's been a turning away from negativity.  There've been moments of despair and frustration, particularly involving Matty's work, T's behavior and the ever-heavy financial burdens that never seem to improve significantly.  All of these things, along with the negativity of several particular individuals has weighed heavily on me as of late.  What I've realized just recently is that it's not these influences that have become louder, but the amount of volume I've allowed them to have in my universe.

Each day, Arwen eats first.  A nod to her queen-bee status.  She is the Elder, the Deserving, the First.  Nyxie can't help but voice her displeasure.  She'll whine softly from the other room, impatiently awaiting her chance at yummies.  Arwen's focus is like an arrow knocked on me.  There exists nothing in her world save the singular (yet complicated) act of creating and serving her dinner.  Her blue eyes trained on me, watching my every move. There exists no whining, she is the only dog on the planet.  What I see in those ice blue eyes is hope and focus.  She has a goal and she will not stop until it's won.  Poor Nyxie in the other room, seemingly forgotten.  But she's far from forgotten.  Arwen is quite aware of her and if I were to bring Nyxie into the room, Arwen would shoulder her away and let her know in no uncertain terms that she is in the way!

There are goals that I've formed for the coming year.  Spiritual, professional and financial.  Like Arwen, I must have this singular focus.  There will be distractions, there might be negativity, but how much of this do I allow in?  Can I keep my eyes forward and shoulder away intrusions?  A born leader, Arwen's a great example.  Even the whining from the next room can be ignored.  I am looking forward, with the hope and focus of a Husky at dinnertime.  


  1. Paws khrossed fur all of woo...

    Of khourse, mine have been khrossed fur my mom here...

    The more the merrier with a better year on the horizon!


  2. Everyone has to have hope. We hope things turn the right way for you soon. With a beautiful face like the one in today's post looking at you, life is all good.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. All our paws and feets are crossed for you. Hope is good
    Benny & Lily

  4. Goals are good; I think sometimes just setting them might be enough to keep us directed. Here's to a great new year!

  5. I hear ya! This year has been tough for us too. Things are changing at a snail pace. Thank you for showing me the hope again in those icy eyes!!

  6. There are good days and bad days and I'm sorry this year isn't a very good one for you. In fact, this year has been a tough year for us too as both of our beloved girls have crossed the rainbow bridge. It's sad to lose them, however, I also realise that I've two beloved ones at home with me, they are as important as Laura and Hana.
    There is hope... and we move on...

  7. Always remember that the beautiful rainbow follows a storm. I think your renewed focus is a wonderful thing. Arwen is truly a great example. I see it with my own Sibes. If we let go of some things (anger, negativity, stress, etc.)that weigh us down and follow their lead, I think we all become happier, lighter. And I agree with the Op Pack, just one look into that beautiful Husky face and you know things are good. Everything else - will fall into place. Spread those feelings of "Husky dinner time" out across your day and family and reflect back on it and how you felt at that moment...and that is your hope, which will drive your focus, which in turn gives you even more hope. And always remember, you have lots of friends out here!

  8. I agree that dogs are our best example in terms of living life happily and enthusiastically and NOT letting bad stuff dominate.

    I hope that your woes quiet down so that their volume is almost imperceptible.

  9. I'm not sure how many of you will see this response, but I'm almost brought to tears by your replies. Thanks for being so wonderful out there. Great advice, morale bolstered and every day sooo happy to be a part of this community!!!


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