Sunday, April 10, 2011

Choosing Mr Right

Today we went to our local PetCo store to buy our Ball Python, Miss SnakeyPoo, a frozen rat.

Yup - you read right.  I exchange perfectly good money for dead rats.  Not just any old rat, though - no way!  These rats are fed well, are disease and parasite free, and then ultimately humanely euthanized.  A rat of this caliber will run you about $7.00, if you really must know.   I'm thankful she eats the frozen thawed variety because it's too heart-wrenching to see a live furry creature killed in such a naturally efficient way.

Sorry for the pic quality!
Miss Poo, as we affectionately call her, is about 8 years old - Matt and I bought her at a Reptile Expo in Florida a couple of years after we got together.  At that point she was so tiny, she fit in a dixie cup with plenty of room.  She eats about once every 3 weeks or so - sometimes more frequently depending on whether we make it to Grapevine, where the nearest PetCo is located.  I hear there's a new PetCo coming in just a town over from us in Coppell, for those of you around the Dallas area...

But I digress.

In the pic above, Miss Poo is lovingly resting over her dinner - a medium sized male rat.  If you've ever seen a male rodent, well - let's just say you know one when you see one.  Miss Poo was in love!

While we were at PetCo, we browsed the aisles for a lovely new toy to bring to Nyxie.  She's been a good girl lately with all of her training and I thought a nice toy would be just the thing for her!  But which to choose...

The Bad Cuz being expertly demonstrated by T in the pic above, came highly recommended, but after almost piercing my eardrums with each squeeze of his fat little body, I decided against the adorable mischief maker (for now).  Also, I was disappointed to see that he is Made in China...

It's made by JW and you can see in the middle right where it says those fateful 3 words - Made In China.  We have nothing against the country or its people, but buying products from a country that has a record of using unsafe materials in many products (not just dog toys) and engages in unfair labor practices just rubs me the wrong way.  I'll get off my soapbox now.

So another option was this:

But this Arachnoid Ball also by JW was kind of a bouncing dud.  I dropped it and "plop".  Nothing happened.  Boring.  

This wasn't in the running - I don't think either of my girls could even get their mouths around it.  It reads, "For dogs over 25 lbs" - maybe they forgot a zero? Maybe it would be just right for Mango?  Pricey, though - perhaps after the Foster House is sold...

We finally stumbled on this cutie that caught Matt and T's attention as they are Gummi Bear addicts.  Not only is the little bugger cute, but it has a not horribly loud squeaker, "certified non-toxic" and is MADE IN THE USA!!  It's also made by JW - maybe it's a trend they'll continue!

The surprise was that even Arwen liked it!  Yup - you read right again- Arwen actually liked a toy that is not Orange Ball!!!   

So all in all, each of my girls found their Mr Right today! 


  1. A gummy bear toy?! I think I'll tell mom to stop by the store tomorrow! :) :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  2. Oh dear,,,,,,we would rather look at your toys instead of snakes and frozen rats..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh boy...what fun toys. We're so glad you told us about JW toys.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. Never heard of a gummy bear toy. Fun! And yeah, Mom's with you. Avoids all food, toys, clothes, you name it that comes from China for the same reasons you mentioned. Unfortunately, she's now leery of things from Japan only from a contamination standpoint though. Probably overthinking it but she always questions what the government says. Figures the truth is probably somewhat more serious than their spin on things.

    Great fun you had at the PetCo! My California Aunt and Uncle (Mom's brother and his wife) would goo and gaa over Miss Poo. They are huge reptile fans. Had two boa constrictors several years ago. Donated them to a high school when they got a bit big to keep at home (15' or more) and there they got their own very large room to live in.

    Have a great day!

  5. The Bad Cuz (and actually all the Cuz and related products) are awesome for us - we usually cut off any "appendages" because our pit can rip those right off, but he never seems to destroy the rest of the toy like he does to EVERYTHING ELSE. Plus, the bigger size has a lower squeak - not as annoying and the super high pitch squeaks from the smaller sizes that my beagle plays with :) They are super super durable and last a really long time!

  6. I love all the cuz toys...I have a good cuz, a bad cuz, a squid cuz, two chicken cuzs, a cuz with a tail...but I don't have a gummy bear!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  7. Love that gummi bear toy - we don't have that one. Nice shopping trip. We enjoyed learning about your snake and her eating habits. But Mom is very happy she doesn't have to do that food shopping OR feeding:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I tink I wants one of dos gummy bears. Yep....Mom get going to the store NOW!

  9. Oooo! Morgan would love that gummy bear toy! Her motto is the louder the squeak and the better it bounces when Mom tosses it, the better it is. She seems to like all toys, though, except perhaps the ones Dad really wants her to like so they can do training! BOL!

    I don't think you're supposed to get those Kong Wobblers in your mouth. You're supposed to knock them around until the treats fall out.


  10. That Gummy bear was TOO CUTE! It must be super special if even arwen liked it! Did he come in a size small for little puggle mouths?

  11. Love the python! My ex used to have a boa constrictor and I fell in love with her. We fed her live mice. I really loved watching the predator and prey dance, myself. I did feel sorry for the mouse, but I like watching nature at work. As much as it can be having a pet snake! BOL

    Wow, I can't believe Arwen gave up the orange ball!! :)

  12. Great khomments about things made there - Mom does her part too AND has even made The Doggy Nanny aware as well -

    NOW, Mom is headed ovFUR to get a pawful of GUMMI BEARS!


  13. We totally get the China thing! After the melamine scare a few years ago we never buy anything edible that is made in China. You just never know! We are also careful with any toys too. We mostly like stuffies that squeak. Nylabones are our favorite chew thingies.

    Although, I bet a frozen rat-sicle would be tasty!


  14. Hmm, maybe I should look into the rat growing business, bol!

    I saw your comment about how to get featured on Pet Blogs United. If you click on the join tab at the top of the site it will list the many different ways to be featured. Then you just need to see what suits you best and drop us an e-amil at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Stay on that soap box. Safety in dog toys is vital and many made overseas (not just in China) use inferior materials or toxic processes or are just of poor quality.

    Dad is very jealous of your Miss Poo. His Py did not thrive past its pinkie years...our forte was lizards.

  16. That Gummi Bear looks like a lot of fun! Our house if full of made in the USA toys but they are CAT toys! I need some made in the USA toys for ME!


  17. A Gummi Bear toy, how fun! We are with you regarding safety of products. Can never be too safe, we say!

  18. Wow - you have a good pet store, I haven't seen a lot of those toys!


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