Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Festivus

I'm on a birthday vacation, or festivus, as we call it here in my home!  Matt ushered in the festivus celebrations this past weekend when he made me a special birthday Lobster Ravioli in citrus chardonnay sauce -yum!

What a wonderful Matty!
In past years, I've gone out partying on my birthday, when that was what I thought a good time meant.  Or I'd be at work because I hadn't planned well enough in advance.  Not this year!  I decided to celebrate myself.  Matt is at work and T is at school, so that leaves just me and the girls.

Arwen says " Mom - can't we spend all this time together without her "?!
We started our day with a long walk, I had yummy margheritta pizza for lunch and now I'm catching up on reading and writing.  What a great day.  The best part of all is that I've given myself tomorrow and the next day off as a post birthday gift, too. Instead of beating myself up at the gym tonight, I think I'll go visit my friend on the patio of my local coffee shop.   Maybe I'm spoiling myself.  Nah - I deserve it!

My friend has made herself quite at home on the coffee shop's patio!


  1. As we pawed on FB, Happy Gotcha Day!

    Of khourse, Mom is furry jealous of that special meal!

    We hope your dayS will be furry furry special!


  2. Lobster ravioli???? Matt so rocks in our book - nice guy to make that special dish for you. Happy Birthday and enjoy that coffee.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That just made me hungry...happy birthday!

  4. wooo! happy birthday!!

    RA & Isis

  5. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are planning to celebrate yourself...you so deserve the indulgence. We wish you many hours with those you love most, a chance to smile, the opportunity to laugh, a shared hug, pleasant new memories and a gentle sigh of contentment as you look back over the past year.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! A few days of relaxation and pampering are way better than a crazy party. Indulge and enjoy!

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!!:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  8. I hope you have a very happy birthday!! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Lobster Ravioli sounds so delicious!

  10. Happy birthday!!! I hope it was a great one! That lobster ravioli looked soooo good.

  11. Oh I love lobster but I never though about putting it in a ravioli !!! Such a good idea!! On the blogs you learn things all the time!!!
    Happy Birthday dear friend!!! You have the right idea!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  12. I love when you visit!! Love company I don't have to clean for since I am NOT a house keeper!!!
    xx, Fern

  13. Happy Birthday! My favorite parts of birthdays are carving out times to do exactly as I please. It sounds like you're doing that same thing!


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