Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perimeter Breach?

I have to share with you a funny incident that just happened...

Our apartment building was scheduled to have the exterior painted today.  We were told ahead of time and knowing Nyxie's...idiosyncrasies, I decided to walk the girls earlier than usual to avoid any chance encounters with an army of white-clad painters and their many tools.

We were back home, with the blinds drawn, in large part, due to the heat.  I typed and read, while the girls played joyfully at my feet.  Bitey Face on!

Suddenly, there was a loud THUMP on the balcony.  The painters had finally reached our balcony and were ready to start working just on the other side of our sliding glass door.  In mid play-hop, Nyxie stopped.  She stood stock-still and stared at the drawn blinds.  One, two, maybe three seconds passed and then she let out a loud WOOF!!!

Last week Daddy groomed Nyxie on the "once safe" balcony.  Daddy didn't know I was filming ;)

In those moments of silence,  a scary realization dawned on her : PERIMETER BREACH - FROM THE BALCONY!  I don't think she ever imagined she'd have 2 potential points of entry to patrol!  I lured them into their crates immediately, some quick behavior exercises followed by a chewy treat each, and the world was made good again.

The painters have since finished, but poor Nyxie's been keeping a close eye on that balcony all afternoon...


  1. Good job...patroling door #2
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yikes! That would have sent the boys into orbit!


  3. She was protecting you. That is so sweet. Love your blog

  4. Maisie would have FREAKED out. she is always guarding the perimeter, my friends sometimes call for her by saying "Security!"

  5. One a guard dog, always a guard dog. Did the painter pee his pants?? :)

  6. Balcony patrol tip...peeps must put soft tissue fingies on rail prior to entry ;P Good job patrolling the accesses Nyxie!

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Security breach, alarms sounds, panic breaks out. Oh wait that's my house.

    Poor dog realizing that he had another burden.

  8. Second point of entry, huh? I must go patrol the perimeter again to be sure I hasn't missed anything here by me.

  9. That a girl, Nyxie! You did just what you should...keep the family safe at all costs! Now you know to keep close watch on both breach possibilities! Good job! Stand down, soldier!

  10. Way to go Nyxie. You're a good dog.

  11. Oh, Nyxie!! I know exactly how you were feeling! When anyone is let into the backyard and passes by the sliding doors, I go CRAZYYYYY! No one feels safe, even from the other side of the door.

    Good job protecting your home!

    Have a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday! :)

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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