Sunday, August 21, 2011

A World Without Dogs?

Last night, we watched a movie, "Priest" about a diesel-punk apocalyptic world of vampires monsters and the priest/ninjas that fight them and keep this futuristic world safe.  Not your average fare, but as I've said before, our family is all about things that "go bump in the night", vampires, zombies and the like.  And I'm a Paul Bettany fan, so it worked out doubly in my favor.

About halfway through the movie, Nyxie climbed across the couch, and curled her 70 lb body into the crook of my own. I was lying on my side, head propped on some pillows and legs curled forward.  She wanted to spoon with me!  There wasn't a ton of space, but this is where she wanted to be. I slowed my breathing and made more room for her, aware of the unspoken closeness with such a wonderful creature.  It's not rare for her to cuddle with me, but I never take these moments for granted.  They're the ones that really count.

Some time later, Matt opened the freezer, breaking the spell.  The freezer opening is the great Ice Bell - no matter where the dogs are, they come bounding into the kitchen for an ice cube.  (And with that, they have conditioned us to offer them an ice cube each time - they are wonderful trainers!)

After the movie, Matt observed that there wasn't a single dog in the movie.
He laughed,  "People wouldn't live anywhere where there weren't any dogs..."



  1. agree...thats why it was only a movie
    Benny & Lily

  2. No dogs!!! Well who would want to live there? :)

  3. How could a family ever survive without at least one dog as part of it?

  4. That moovie do be pure FIKSHUN! No dogs, that be insanity!

  5. We Bought this today. No dog, huh? That would be my first clue that it was time to get out of dodge. No dogs? Clearly there is something wrong with the place!

  6. We're pretty sure we're the only thing keeping the vampire/zombie/chupacabra's from taking over the house. And for that we deserve all the ice cubes, snuggles, and snacks we can handle!

  7. People with out dogs are very self-obsessed!!! You give a great deal to them and they give a great deal to you!!!!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  8. I choose the world populated by dogs, not the one populated by vampires and monsters! :) Sweet photo of Nyxie. I could "feel" the moment, and then almost hear the Ice Bell!

  9. We agree...but dogs are smart enough to flee vampire/ninja/priests long before there's an apocalypse at hand.

    I love movie watching cuddle time with momma (not to mention that she shares the buttered likes his plain)!

  10. We watch a lot of those scary movies and I, for one, am glad there are rarely doggies in them because momma gets so upset when she sees actor dogs playing scary roles.

    A nice snuggle is always welcome for sure. Momma says she snuggles a lot because someday she will miss it. But not for a long time for either of us, right?


  11. A world without dogs, wouldn't be much of a world at all. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  12. I agree Bailey... a world without dogs wouldn't be much of a world at all. In fact, I wouldn't want to be there at all!

    We watch a few scary ones around here too and Sophie knows her job is to cuddle on the loveseat with me.... and sometimes Murphy too! LOL, Spike won't cuddle up then- I think he thinks the girls in this house are wimps, but I don't care. Cuddling up with any of the 3 of them is a great moment!

    Jen and the Black Dog/Rat Crew

  13. Oh, how sweet!!! Love those magical moments...and the treat jar and fridge are triggers here too! LOL! How true, who would live somewhere without dogs??? And sidebar - we just watched that movie too!


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