Monday, August 29, 2011


I just witnessed a peaceful exchange of goods done with grace and style.  It was unmatched diplomacy that made my jaw drop.  I wasn't watching CNN or some historical documentary.  I was in my living room watching the girls play.

Arwen has taken a fancy to Blue Bear, a fairly new toy that looks like a gummi bear that I bought for Nyxie a few months ago.  It's since become forgotten in the toy basket, abandoned for stuffies and tennis balls that are Nyxie's favorites.  One day, Arwen walked over to the toy basket (odd enough for her), rummaged through, and plucked Blue Bear out, prancing away with him in her mouth.  Arwen has been a loyal Orange Ball fanatic for years.  On that day, for whatever reason, Blue Bear caught her attention.  Maybe she'd been pining away secretly for Blue Bear, but I doubt it.  What Arwen wants, she demands.

This morning while drafting an entirely different post, I was watched the girls gnawing on each other, like they do most mornings we're home alone.  Suddenly, Nyxie picked up Blue Bear (that Arwen had been chewing earlier) and settled in to play.  I got a bit leery here, thinking Arwen might become territorial.  She walked over towards Nyxie and watched her sideways.  Nyxie stood, letting go of Blue Bear but still standing in front of him.  The girls exchanged some bitey face, sniffed at each other's hind ends, and Nyxie slowly (not nervously) walked past Blue Bear.  Arwen reached down and picked him up, chewing contentedly.

I sat mesmerized at the ease with which this happened.  Many of you know how large and in-charge Arwen can be, dominating most "disagreements" with an icy look.  What I witnessed was pure magic.  They spoke volumes of respect and affection without a single word.  Flawless, successful communication.  It was beautiful.    Now I know this happens repeatedly on a daily basis - 2 dogs sharing the same resources and coexisting gracefully - but it was too elegant not to share with you.

Oh, the lessons they can teach us if we're just paying attention!

I've continued the Tick series  - this time about Ehrlichia - on The Examiner Dallas.  You can read about it here.  

Also, a quick story look at blood work and blood draws at the vet why vet from Hello Dallas - "Are Veterinarians Undercover Vampies?"  

Thanks for reading!  I have a few new items on my Etsy shop also.  T has decided to make some goodies so she can eventually have enough to buy a car when she's ready to drive.  I'm so proud of her!  You can see her items here (under the subheading "Indentured Child Labor" - that kid cracks me up!)


  1. Well too bad neither Jack nor I wear earrings or I would buy some just for the name!! :)

  2. What a gift that you were aware enough to observe this interaction. What great teachers your dogs are! I wish my dogs related with such grace.

    I'm way behind on your posts. Will try to catch up soon - because it's good to read about Arwen's Pack.

  3. Katy has brought tons of old toys to Bailey's attention, but he always reclaims them from her. It is good to see them getting along.

  4. Monty wants all the toys all the time. The only time Sammish gets one is at night when Monty is crated (on his own accord) or if we go into the craft room!


  5. Fantastic. Wouldn't it be great if people were as smart as dogs and act the same way toward each other?


  6. Oh my goodness so adorable
    Benny & Lily

  7. Now that's the way to start a day! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Thanks so much for blogging about it!!!!! It has made my day!!!
    xx, Fern

  9. You are so right...there is SO much we humans could learn!

  10. I appreciate that moment more than you realize! We are not all gracious sharers of toys here at our house so when I see that rare moment of generosity it makes me feel like we're making progress. Congratulations!

  11. Those moments are just simply breathless and absolutely amazing to witness. Depending on the circumstances around our home, they can be rare or a daily event, but nonetheless, they are awesome!!

  12. It's always a moment of pure awe when I witness a peaceful exchange. How beautiful of your girls to settle it so eloquently.


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