Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Intruder

Today I pulled out the vacuum and did a bit of routine cleaning, getting a jump start on the long weekend.  At our house, this routine is met with some hostility.  The Intruder is hauled out of the utility closet and then (since I never remember the right order of things) I realize I have to pick up all the dog toys spread out over the floor.  The toys are everywhere.  It's as though some sneaky anarchist hid some TNT at the very bottom of the toy basket when I wasn't looking and then set it off.  I know there's no TNT (Nyxie would've sniffed it out and alerted- WOOF!) but there is an anarchist.  Two, in fact.

So out comes The Intruder.  It's loud, pushy, and just runs all over everything - it's....the vacuum!  Arwen tolerates it, but definitely gives it a wide berth, eyes intent on watching, but all the while trying desperately to play it cool.  Nyxie is transparent in her dislike.  She's downright hostile towards it.  She'll pace around it as it's being plugged in, just waiting for it to fire up.  As soon as it's turned on, she'll hop towards it in a play/ fight move.  The initial excitement is over when I snap my fingers, but as I go room to room cleaning, she'll follow me and The Intruder at a safe distance.  And God forbid I extend the hose to use the crevice attachment...her arch enemy!

Surely this is some rude beast from an evil netherworld bent on destroying the perimeter's safety.  How can she possibly keep us safe when we invite such dangers in willy nilly!?  It's a tough job protecting Arwen's Pack.  It's a good thing she has a long weekend to rest up from The Intruder's visit.

I've got my eye on you....


New articles for your reading pleasure:
1) If you're in Dallas this weekend, there's a fun benefit event happening on Sunday - The 2nd Annual Motors and Mutts Classic Car Show to benefit A Different Breed Animal Rescue.  It'll be a great car and dog friendly event!
2) My newest article for HelloDallas discusses canine obesity - just a few extra pounds can hurt your pup!  You'll see a couple of familiar pups on this website ;)

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. We aren't huge fans of the Intruder either.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  2. LOL, so cute! That villain is at our house too and Koly hates it. He likes to play chicken with it :)

  3. It's a good thing that you have Nyxie to protect you all from the evil intruder!

    Amazingly, for all of their quirks, our dogs are not particularly afraid of the intruder.

  4. LOL - we just gave up putting ours away. The boys are used to it now!


  5. its a monster not a vacuum
    Benny & Lily

  6. OMG have those monsters infiltrated every household?? RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

  7. Me don't likes VAC-ZILLA much either. Me even left toofy marks on it once. Mom was upset wit me.

  8. Thankfully with the fences we can put Bailey and Katy out back when we vaccum. It isn't just the noise, they don't like change. They take it very personally when we remove their hair from the house.

  9. The vacuum is DEFINITELY a villain! Mom gets me to be all calm when it comes out, but I know the truth! Never let your guard down!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  10. Hi Y'all,

    I don't understand why y'all think the evil intruder is evil.

    I love my Human to groom me with it! It feels great and she's in a much better mood when she doesn't have to chase fur balls around the house.

    She looks wilted if someone comes calling and she hasn't vacuumed all the fur balls. I like her happy, so bring on the vacuum! Try it sometime!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. When Michael runs the vacuum (it is one of his weekly chores) it is the ONE guaranteed time of the week that we ALL congregate in the Office to cuddle momma (and protect her of course). We are not fans of the loud beastie especially the way it comes to life in a teenage boy's hands.


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