Thursday, September 8, 2011

And Then There Were Three...Arwen's Pack Has Grown!

We needed another dog like we needed a hole in the head. But just when you think you've got it all sorted out and it's coming together, life decides you need a bit of a shake. Not the creamy delicious kind, but the hard "Holy Cow! What was THAT for!?" kind of shake.

This past weekend, Matt was outside just after midnight when he heard some nearby wimpering. Turning to listen closely (whether by instinct or simple curiosity), he saw a small brown dog come bounding over, all whines and ears back. The little pup just sat at his feet staring up at him. Well what the hell do you do at that point?! After a choice HBO word, knowing full well what was in store, he reached down and comforted this lost creature. I know this because just moments later the bedroom light flooded over my sleeping self and I was told to come downstairs and see something "cute, furry, lost and terrible".

With the same choice HBO word, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and threw off the covers. "Terrible" is right - we couldn't bring this puppy into the house. What if it had distemper or parvo? We'd just seen a case of parvo not a week ago at the clinic. All these thoughts were put on hold as I opened the door and looked down the stairs. There, a whining, simpering, doe-eyed puppy looked up at me and melted my heart.

We looked him over and found gum in his dirty fur, his skin loose over visible ribs. Poor kid - was he in this condition and just ran away recently? Was he abandoned by somebody? Stairs were completely foreign to him and every house around us has 2 stories. "Inside" seemed to be another totally foreign concept. He was wearing a collar without tags and when we scanned him later, we discovered he had no microchip either.

We put a leash on him and walked around the buildings, hoping to reunite him with his owners. Nobody was out looking, the streets were empty. More HBO words....what now?

Plan B involved taking him to the clinic where I work and checking him over for parasites, a microchip, and some clue as to his age. We had to wake up T at 12:30 in the morning to keep her from being home alone. Upon seeing the foundling, her eyes lit up like diamonds. She was in love!

At the clinic, we checked him for parasites and he was badly infested with hookworms. Yuk. Those could kill a pup! I dewormed him and left him there; safe for the night.

Against all of our better judgement (except T because she's in love), we've decided to keep him. So maybe the "shake" I mentioned we got earlier is sweet, but still a shake in the other sense as well!
But bloggie friends, I need some help with 2 issues:

1) We are considering the name "Fenway" after Fenway Park, of course. We're 2nd generation Red Sox (and T will make the 3rd gen) fans, so it seems fitting. Any other suggestions?

2) The girls aren't impressed. Arwen is trying unsuccessfully to dominate him with her usual bullying tactics and Nyxie is afraid of him all scared growls. Yup, my 80 lb GSD is terrified of a 26 lb muttling who won't get bigger than 30-40 lbs! Poor girl...There has been some snapping at one another, and integrating isn't going as smoothly as I 'd hoped. He has great calm energy. Any ideas or help?

Thank you, Loves!
FYI - interwebs are acting funny so pls be patient with me. I had to write this post from my phone!

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  1. This is exactly why I can't go to the animal shelter! I'd end up with 50 dogs!

  2. Awesome! Cute Pup and he chose you folks to live with! We like that. We kinda like Fenway. We agree with Jack D. except we started fostering and now have 4 dogs. 3 from the same rescue we volunteer with. EEEks!! It is good "Fenway" has calm energy cuz Lucas and Sasha both have that and it helps with Chica (little girl who thinks she is in charge and "trash talks" sometimes.

    Wishing you luck - sorry we don't have any ideas right now but know some of your blogger friends will.

  3. Love Fenway! And actually surprised that the hubster hasn't demanded that we name any of our pups Fenway. We're big Sox fans too. :)

    When we integrated our puppy into our pack, we made sure all bones & toys were put away while they were getting to know each other. And the girls got fed first. Just make sure you're paying equal attention to all - I make sure each dog gets solo walks on a regular basis and special Mom cuddling time so nobody gets too jealous of how much attention the puppy requires. So far, my girls are in L-O-V-E with our puppy. Good luck!

  4. O what a cutie pie! Who could resist a puppy with ears like that!!!!

    With getting the girls to accept him, make sure he's not getting extra special attention and that you aren't treating him like he's higher in the pack than them. And that they are still getting all the same treatment/attention before he came along. Not sure if you are using a puppy crate or pen with him. But they work wonders for giving the older dogs a break and for them to get used to him when he is in a confined area and not bothering them.

    I'm sure they will all get used to each other eventually :) Once all the excitement calms down :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. If it was up to mom we would have like 97747 Frenchies from the French Bulldog Rescue Network...we gave it two weeks then we suddenly loved each other

  6. Well he sure is a cutie and knew exactly where to go for help. Yep, how could you say NO to that face. Fenway is a cute name (or "Sox" if he had any). If this addition was meant to be, he'll be accepted into the pack with time. They just need to get used to having him around. How long did it take Arwen to accept Nyxie?

  7. While you are all in love with him (Arwen & Nyxie notwithstanding), I think he should come live with me in SC. I need a puppy! ;)

  8. Awwwwwww.....welcome home little pup! We are so excited for you (and like T, the Mama is in serious love). Fenway is adorable. Too cute for words, really!

  9. Fenway is adorable! Little guy was very lucky to have found y'all :) As I'm an only child, no words of wisdom on the integration. Butt I am sending you very pawsitive vibes! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  10. HMMMM- I see the GSD ears and perhaps a Pibble snout? Too cute!! I've decided that female dogs are truly B's!! They can be so persnickety. I say maybe bring a "Fenway" smelling towel home and let Nyxie & Arwen get used to the smell- like introducing a baby into the home. I've never really had a problem with dogs accepting newbies. Calhoun has always put up with my orphans!!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  11. Congrats on the new addition! :)

  12. Awww...thanks for taking him in. He is a cutey.

    As for the girls - my two girls still pick on poor Toby - it's a girl thing I think. But as long as it is just pushiness, and not growling, biting, that sort of thing, I'm sure it will work out.

    My advice is extra special mommy one-on-one time for the girls, baby gates and crates when you can't supervise, and have them dragging leashes when you can. Be extra viggilant about possesions like food, toys, even you, and try to interrupt any staring or posturing the moment it starts. Just clap your hands and walk between them, or distract them with obedience commands.

    As long as he is cool with their 'pushiness' I bet it will settle all on its own. If he is standing up to them a lot, be extra vigilant in your supervision.

  13. Congratulations on being adopted by your new furry Fenway! I love that name! The only other name that came to mind when I saw his name, for some reason that I cannot explain, is "Otis." LOL! Love those ears. What a cutie. :)

  14. Or wait! With those ears... Yoda! :D

  15. Sorry we have been so out of the loop...between momma's computer crash and the Walk... Anyway, we can TOTALLY relate to what is happening at your house. Believe me the WDA has been there and is STILL dealing with integrating. Time. time.Time and more time. That is the key. Don't overthink it. Step in to prevent major incidents but trust Arwen and Nyxie will teach Fenway the rules and that he will in time find his place in the group. If you fuss and make a big deal over things, the dogs will assign a greater value to what is just essentially getting to know each other. Imagine a new assigned room mate in is kind of like that. The important thing to remember is that you were all brought together for a reason and your Pack is able to make this adjustment. It might not always be easy but it WILL happen and will be marvelous to watch as it unfolds. Welcome Fenway. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  16. congratulations on your new puppy!

    Chips bossed me around when I was a puppy, but TJam says that is why I am so lovely now. I have doggy manners. Mostly. (and not human manners but that is another story)



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