Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day for Wellies and Movies by the Fire

I love rainy days.

T and I took the girls out for a nice long walk this morning.  It was drizzly and grey, and the weather kept everyone else inside.  An ideal walk day for a family with reactive dogs!  We talked and walked - a great start to the day.

A perfect morning for a walk!

After some laundry and other chores, we settled in to marathon of Terminator movies.  We cheered at the "I'll be back" lines, fretted over John Connor's fate, and marveled at Linda Hamilton's muscles, all the while snuggling in front of the fire.  The dogs having walked and played most of the morning, were content to trade snoozing places between the couch and before the toasty warmth of the fire.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator

Nyxie has a favorite spot on the couch.  It's right in the center where all the extra throw pillows end up.  Matt and I sit at either end of the couch, legs outstretched and Nyxie will eventually find her cozy spot in the middle of us.  I call this spot her "nest" - a safe haven away from Fenway, who tortures her by just coming too close.

"Not another picture, Mom!"

It's in these moments when she is cuddly, soft and trusting.  She'll bury her snooter in the pillows beside us, her nose just touching us.  Sometimes she lays with her head resting on the soft pillows, snoring quietly in a deep sleep.  I'll rest my head on her back, grateful for her trust.  If we watch a scary movie, her proximity and warmth keep me grounded and safe.

Tonight she snored quietly, head behind my closest pillow, paws resting against my hip.  I felt her deep, slow  breathing and knew she felt secure between us.  All her fears and insecurities melt away in these moments shared with the people and dogs that make up her world.  She could let her guard down knowing she was safe.

And we all knew it was a good day to be in Arwen's Pack

"Mom - can I share your monkey slanket with you?"


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Can I join you next time?

  2. Perfect! Nothing like a snuggle and a fire!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. A perfect day! We are doing that today cuz of the RAIN, and the Wind.
    Ernie and pack

  4. Oh that sounds positively wonderful, so cozy!!

  5. There is no better feeling in the world! One which you wouldn't mind stretching on and on forever!

  6. I love the rain, too. Love being warm and cozy watching movies. Your description of Nyxie cuddling with you is so sweet.


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