Saturday, August 21, 2010


Many of you who've read my blog and know me, know how very neurotic I am about my dogs.  I'm also sure many of you can sympathize as you, too, are as wacky as I am.  This being said, I know that the standards I hold for my dogs' care may be a bit high - they're food is the best I feel I can offer, home prepared with love.  Their bodies are canvassed daily for any anomalies, lumps, holes, etc.  They're included in all family activities, taken on lovely walks, and enjoy sleeping on the bed (actually all the household furniture).  A dog's life in our home is pretty plush.

There are some dogs that come to the clinic that make me a bit sad.  They're not mistreated, but their owners seem a bit distracted, preoccupied.  I think their priorities are different than mine, or maybe I'm being judgmental, I suspect a bit of both.  I can't help but wonder why certain creatures end up living where they do.  Does that habit of whistling at the dog annoy it?  Do the owners realize their dog's lameness is painful?  Some of observations are my job to clarify or shed light on, but others are just people and animals whose personalities may conflict.  I know a girl whose dog refuses to kiss her, won't do much for her at home, but loves her friends.  The dog actually snaps at her but no one else.  Is this dog like some sort of prisoner in her own home?  Imagine having a family that you despise, or are utterly annoyed by ALL the time.  

I'm not sure that I'm looking at this the right way.  It's said that for every old shoe, there's an old sock that goes with it.  Maybe these dogs are thrilled to have such delightfully aloof humans.  Maybe some dogs would consider me a smothering whack-job.  Maybe our girls think I'm a smothering whack-job...

I'll just go bake them some liver treats to make them happy..."Walkies, girls!?"  


  1. Your home sounds a lot like ours except we don't get to sleep in the humans' beds. We have nice beds of our own and we love our crates, so it is all good. Mom often wonders why others even have pets when they are more like a fixture in the house instead of a creature to love and spoil.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. My mom wants me to sleep on the bed with her but I fluff it a bit - maybe even warm it a touch

    THEN I have my favourite spot on the floor!

    Mom understands what woo are saying - she had a khonversation with someone today that shared they had been to a park - saw some dogs off leash and warned the people to hold their dogs or leash them since they'd be passing by with their own dogs -

    The unleashed owner said not a worry - and pulled out a taser they used to keep the dog nearby ;=(

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  3. There can never be enough smothering when it comes to pups.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. Then you are the perfect owner for your dogs and they are so lucky to have you!!!!!
    I'm going to follow your blog now. Great to know many blogger friends because it seems like the only awesome dog lovers we know are all our blogger buds!

  5. Can't disagree with a word you mentioned. Feel the same way. Suggestion for you: become a dog behaviorist and train the humans, plus you'll be making tons of $$$ to pay the bills and support rescues and awareness. Okay, not that simple, but a thought...

  6. We agree with you 100%. Because we believe it is not only the care by the love and connection that is missed. Some see dogs as objects of possession, that's it, they own a dog. I don't know how many dogs I have seen with that high level of anxiety and fear in their eyes, because they are so desperate to love and connection and have been completey disregarded for some reason or another. It is frightening. So many dogs held prisoner by their owners. I'm sure in your profession you have seen many cases of this. Thank goodness you are not one of them. We would give up everything for the dogs, and cats and duck. There's no two ways about it.

  7. Nah. Those other dogs just don't know what they're missing. :)

  8. I thought I woz following you but I woz not. I must has been hasing a blond moment (or senior moment?) Anyways, when mom revoows adopshun applicashuns, wot she looks for furst and foremostly is attitude. Peeples should be wanting a dog or kitteh as a fambly member and she can so tell by the way they ansser the kwestshuns on the applicashun. You definitely has the fambly attitude.

  9. Well sign me up on the neurotic bus cause I have a one ticket there when it comes to my dogs.

    I can name a dozen situations where I have met dogs that are just begging their owners for more attention, love and time but the owner just doesnt get it. Its not that the dog is neglected or abused but its lacking the love and joy of life in regards to the human - canine relationship.



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