Thursday, August 5, 2010


Nyxie has a fascination with sprinklers.  Obsession, really.  We have the kind that magically and unexpectedly pop out of the ground.  The kind that get sucked down into the earth with a foot tap.  Each night they come on and she seems restless to seek them out, hearing them with her satellite ears from inside.  If we're outside and they're on, her ears rotate  forward, her shoulders stiffen, and she pulls toward them like they're a slab of bacon.  She'll play bark and dance about, desperate to get to them.  She wants to bite them.  There's something about the water splashing in her mouth that gets her wonky.

The first time she showed interest in them, we laughed and let her investigate the sprinkler heads.  Then the attraction intensified.  Now, a walk is further complicated by errant sprinkler heads that haven't automatically been pulled to their earthly depths.  I can reset her with a yummy freeze-dried chicken treat (of course my girls aren't spoiled).

I was talking to a client at the vet hospital just the other day, who was explaining to me how she walked and jogged with her 2 Australian shepherds, one of whom is newly adopted.

"Well, it's not without incident", she revealed.  I couldn't help but laugh like a mad woman at this understatement.

This morning, my daughter slept in, tired from a late night and still enjoying the last few weeks of her summer vacation.  I quietly fed the girls, which was a challenge with Arwen's "WOO, WOO"-ing at the edge of the kitchen.  I slipped on my workout clothes, grabbed my phone, poopy bags and treats, and out into the great unknown we went.

When I take the girls out, this is our time.  My mind is focused on the terrain, the breathing of 2 creatures bonded and in sync.  We take one step at a time, eager to explore "our" domain, as the girls most certainly believe it is.  We are doing the most primitive of acts.  This is what people have done for a trillion, billion, gazillion years.  I'm quite sure poopy bags and clothing were not involved, the idea of a leash absurd in any truly pack-oriented, symbiotic relationship.

No two walks are ever the same.  They are never "without incident", good or bad.  Something new is always experienced, whether it's watching Arwen do her balancing tightrope walk on every short wall, or Nyxie's careful, gradual approach to giant construction equipment.  Something new happens, hurdles are surmounted, new poo is sniffed.  All urine-sprayed signposts are read.  And all this has a sense of urgency - we race the rising temperature of the Texas heat scorch.  (It went up to 105 today)

And for just a brief exhale in my busy life, I am one with my two wild things.  It's all simple for a moment.  They are working with me on the common purpose of movement, exploration, protection.  We return spent - the girls in full panting mode, me dripping in sweat.  They lay about exhausted and calm, content.  

My day is just beginning.  I need to check my email, get some coffee, "oh, honey, you're awake!..."  And a new day unfolds, surely "not without incident".  I suppose that's what it's all about.    


  1. Really enjoyed this post! I have a mental picture of Nyxie and the sprinklers. :) Bella is scared of them.

  2. Phantom used to "attack" the sprinkler heads as we would walk along the street - Mom always hoped he wouldn't break one and that no one would be watching him play.

    We love our walks with Mom too - great way to just leave the world behind.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Glad to hear my girl is not the only one with this little fetish. Since Arwen doesn't seem bothered by them, I figured this was just another one of poor Nyxie's "quirks". Then again, unless it moves, Arwen isn't fazed...Happy Friday!

  4. Those morning walks.....isn't that the best way to start your day?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. I enjoyed my visit here...The Girls are beautiful!

  6. Lovely post! I hear ya about the Texas heat. We trained in the afternoon today, and it was terrible! While I don't envy you Nyxie's obsession, I do wish mine would at least play in the sprinkler now and then. They won't go near one.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi.:) It's very nice to meet you.:) We love running through the sprinklers on a hot day.

    Teddy Bear

  8. Hello, found your comment on my blog. I like how you write and of course, what you write about. I also noticed you're friends with Ms~K and the OP Pack, good friends of mine. You should check out my blog roll where you will find tons of active fun animal blogs. I am now following, but due to intense work schedule, I'm not leaving comments but on very few blogs and rarely these days. I still support all animal bloggers, especially the ones starting out. If you like, visit me again on Tuesday's Dear Twinkie column where you can leave a question or just a reminder you'd like me to mention your blog and I'll do it next Tuesday. Pleasure to "meet" you and the gang :)

  9. We always love reading your post!!!! We wanted to let you know theres a award for you from us on our bloggie!!! Big Hugs, Sharky, ET, Duchess and Lauren

  10. Walks are the BESTest. I liked your story.
    Love Noodles


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