Monday, October 18, 2010


This morning's walk was uneventful until I fell flat onto my knees on the median strip of a busy road.  I had Nyxie in tow and she was doing beautifully.  I saw a man walking towards us on the sidewalk so I decided to hop over to the median strip to avoid direct confrontation and work on her calm reaction to strangers.  No sooner had I made it onto the grassy median strip, but I lost my footing in the uneven grass and landed on all fours.  I don't know why the grass in Texas is like this, but it's not the first time I've face-planted here.  From above, you see a lovely expanse of grass that has been evenly mowed and groomed.  Below the surface, however, lie crags and holes large enough to lose a Honda in.  There's nothing more graceful than walking along what appears to be even footing and suddenly collapse.

Nyxie was unfazed.  She's seen me do it before.  I was dreading that the man might run over to help me and get barked at by Nyxie and all out training would be set back.  I had no need to worry.  The man walked past, never even looking my way.  He couldn't have missed my fall, I was in his line of sight and there were no cars zooming past us at the time.  Alas, chivalry is dying.

After regaining my composure and walking on, I felt a sharp pain in my left, lower back.  It was a shooting pain - harsh enough to slow me down and think about stopping altogether.  This was a dangerous idea, though.  What if after I rested it, I couldn't get back up to walk home?  I had to get home as fast as possible.  Without much instruction, Nyxie stayed at my side.  She slowed her pace to match mine and seemed somehow to know that something was wrong.

How do dogs know this?  Aside from a few pathetic whines, she could not have understood that I was hurt.  Whatever it was, she changed her pace to match mine and seemed to shield me bodily from the cars zooming past us and later from another walker on the opposite side of the street.  Twice she pulled me into the grass to sniff something fascinating, but with less enthusiasm, cautious.

We made it home after what seemed like an eternity of steps.  I stretched my back out and I'm feeling better, but Nyxie still keeps checking in on me.  Attentive, watchful.  It's what she does best.


  1. Been there, done that, both on the median and on the tree belt along the side of the road. They just don't take the time to level the ground before they plant the grass. Hope the back is OK. The last time I fell, all three dogs surrounded me and started kissing me all over - they seemed to know that their Mom was hurting.

    Feel better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom

  2. First off we live in Texas and this is a problem with the grass here and I can never figure it out!

    I had an episode like this happen to me. I was walking both dogs and was about at 2 miles into the walk and we were all walking great and in sync and there was a lady walking 4 little chi's and we crossed the street to avoid Fred and his dog agression and I stepped on a divit in the grass and down I went... hard.. my ankle hurt. The lady didnt bother to ask if I was ok cause her Chi's were going nuts. The dogs stopped when I fell which is amazing for Fred and they slowed down as I limped home, they never slow down for me, I try to slow my pace on days im tired and they still haul ass.


  3. me and beanz are never so sensitive as this. well done Nyxie. brownie points for you

  4. Did this guy really not help? Is it because it happens so often on the Texas grass? It's strange how dogs can tell things like this...are you sure you're ok? I had a friend who walked on a broken foot for a week. Maybe see if Nyxie's innate sense can tell you.

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall, and I know how you feel. It's sad that the man didn't stop to see how you were.
    It's amazing how dogs can pick up on things, my dogs amaze me each and everyday.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Dogs always know when you are hurt. Physically or emotionally. Their senses are amazing. Sorry to hear of your fall and hope you are doing better. Every time I bite the dust walking a dog, they surround me with kisses and wait for me to get up before moving. Nyxie is in tune with you, I think that's awesome. Love it when my dogs and I are in tune with each other. Her breed is to serve and protect and she did just that.

  7. We are mighty smart khreatures!

    PeeEssWoo: We hope woo will feel okay tomorrow - THAT is always the toughest part!

  8. Animals, especially dogs, have such great instincts and are so compassionate, aren't they? My Attila (Staffie) used howl when I cried and lick my tears if I was within reach. Puppies just know best.

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall but Nyxie is so clever and watchful! She's wonderful!!!

  10. Dogs are amazing creatures! I hope you are on the mend!



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