Friday, October 15, 2010

In a Moment

There are a few secret moments in my day to day life with my girls that I want to be selfish with, but they're too good not to share.  Everyone has their favorite moments.  Maybe for you it's when you're on a walk with your pup and you're in step with one another and your breathing relaxes.  Maybe it's that "Aha!" moment when your dog learns a new trick and you find all your patience and hard work coming to fruition.  Maybe it's that moment when you hear a crack of a branch in the woods and you stop breathing to listen alongside your dog, the two of you ready as one being, to face any impending challenge.  Maybe it's just that moment when your pooch figures out that diarrhea on your bathroom floor is a better option than just inches away on your bedroom carpet.

My moment happens twice a week.  These are the mornings when I get out of bed after Matt, my loving partner of 10 years.  I hear his alarm going off (eight trillion times, or so it seems in the sleepy haze of morning) and he finally drags himself out of bed.  No sooner is he off the bed, but I feel Nyxie's paws land on the bed beside me.  I get a customary greeting lick on the cheek or elbow, and then she snuggles in against Matt's still-warm pillow.  She faces me and tucks her long nose into the blanket.  If I'm tucked in tight, she'll slide her head against mine but on the outside of the blankets.  If I've left space around my head, she'll burrow her snout into the space between my skin and the warm blankets.  The warmth of her breathing lulls me back to sleep.  We'll snuggle like this until one of us gets hot, or my own alarm sounds off.  

There is no feeling sweeter than this, no moment more tender.  Along with those other moments I mentioned, all of which are on my Top Trillion Things I Love About Dogs list, this is the one that brings it all home.

It's these moments strung together that define Love.


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello.

    I have special moments with each of the boys, each moment is different with each dog, but none the less just as special! There is nothing better than the love of a dog:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    Like Jen said, there's nothing better than the love of a dog!!

  3. Ahhhh!

    I think some of my special moments are when Khyra stations herself at or just outside the bedroom door to ensure I don't head for a walk without her!
    AND when she hangs around with me when I'm on my laptop

    They make life perfect!

  4. We love those snuggly moments.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. We love those kinds of moments! There is nothing more special than a snuggling one.

  6. Funny, I have a similar routine with my dog, K. It sure makes it hard to get out of bed - but I love her so much!

  7. McIver snuggles like this too. It's "snooter snuggles" at our house and you're right- nothing like it!

    Mamma Heartbeat


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