Sunday, November 27, 2011

There's still time for Military Working Dog and Handler Care Packages - Update and More Suggestions

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was delicious and spent with loved ones nearby.  We were lucky enough to have tickets to the Dallas / Miami game at Cowboys Stadium.  What an experience!  Yesterday we had our traditional turkey feast and each of us took turns giving thanks.  We three shared thankfulness for being together.  So much changes from year to year - kids grow up, people move, humans and their dogs age.  So for this moment, for this one blink in time, we are thankful.

If you read my last blog post, you know that I'm going to be sending care packages to military working dogs and their handlers in Kabul, Afghanistan.  These men and women, far from home and family, need all the support we can offer.  They're risking their lives each day, while caring for and working with their dogs, just hoping to make it back to their families intact.  Please consider them while shopping over the next week.  Along with the stress and uncertainty of living in a merciless and unfriendly environment, these handlers and their dogs deal with boredom and homesickness.  If you choose to send a package, I have the original Facebook post (with item suggestions and direct APO address) for care packages here, OR - Matt's software company, Webldr, has graciously offered the use of their PO Box:
Webldr LLC.

Grace Foley (K9 Package)
PO Box 631508
Irving, Texas 75063
I'll be sending all the items I receive at this PO Box during the week of Dec 5-9.  You still have time!

Here's another list of suggestions I found from a care package sending website of what soldiers commonly request:
  Baby Wipes
  Phone Cards
  Hand Warmers
  Foot Warmers
  Tooth Brushes
  Body Wash
  Body Spray
  Beef Jerkey
  Comic Books
  Travel Size Games (chess, checkers)
  Deck of Cards
  Memory Cards (i.e. PSP's)
  Memory Sticks
  Suntan Lotion
  Non Carbonated Drinks (Propel)
  Uniform T-shirts (which can either be ordered on line 
     from AAFES or bought at the PX)
  Pictures From Home
  Thumb Tack (to hang the pictures) 
  Hard Candy
  Blue and Black Pens
  Fly Paper (some areas where the soldiers live have lots of flies)
  A multi-tool or really good folding knife
  Sun Glasses
  Digital or Disposable Cameras
  Travel Size Packets of Laundry Detergent
  Powdered Drinks, especially Gatorade
  Blank Writable CD's
  Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Soduku, 
  Sports themed things - football, baseball, etc

And for the Military Working Dogs:

Collapsible nylon water and food bowls
paw pad salve
Durable rope toys
Durable chew toys like Kongs/ Nylabones
K9 ear and eye wash
Dog beds - orthopedic
Fast drying bath chamois
Hand towels, washcloths for paws
Grooming items - brushes, K9 shampoo, K9 toothbrush/ paste
Treats and chews

Please, please, please - remember to send a note for the soldier.  This will allow them to reconnect with home and the reasons why they're over there.  Many soldiers say these letters and notes from home are what keep them going over the many months of their deployment.  

"Can we send them tennis balls, Mom?  I have some to share!"


  1. You are a good example to us! keep it up!

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  2. What an awesome idea! I hope lots of care packages will be sent to those soldiers and dogs.

  3. You're such a good soul to initiate this. I'll see what I can drum up and if I miss your deadline I'll send it out myself.

  4. I love it! Love that pic, too...getting our package together! Have you sent Sarge Speaks Out your event? He can post it on the Blogger Community Calendar. Great job you're doing! So thoughtful and we're happy to be part of it! We have added a link to today's blog and also on our FiveSibes page! PS - hope you'll join in our "Sleigh Ride!" Details on today's blog.

  5. Hmmmm, our troop group was told not to send treats....going to have to see if thats changed.

  6. @Angela - I heard this from another Cub Scout troop parent also. I don't know which info is correct, but to err on the side of doggie bliss, I'm going to send some along. They can throw them away if they want. I figured if they don't give them to the working dogs, maybe some stray might want them :)

  7. Doing our boxes today! Will take pics and post. Also posting on our FiveSibes™ Facebook page again at Such a great thing you are doing!!!

  8. Thanks so much FiveSibesMom! I'm working on my packages and will hopefully find make a few soldiers' holidays a but more happy. Thanks for both participating and reposting!!


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