Thursday, January 5, 2012


Have you ever heard of EzyDog?

The company prides itself on making rugged and attractive gear for active dogs.  They were the originators of the shock-absorbing leash.  If you haven't heard of the company, you'll be glad you read this!

I recently received an email from a very polite, likable product rep from EzyDog, named Brady, who asked if we'd use some of his products and then review them here on Arwen's Pack.  I wondered if I was really qualified to make recommendations on dog gear.  I thought about this for a while and then realized that I'm the "every-dog-owner".  Like any of us that have at least one dog, and like many of us that have a few.  We all need good gear and have to save our monies for food and vet bills!

Easy to put on!

Brady sent me a lovely blue Chest Plate Harness in Fenway's size, with a car restraint attachment to allow the harness to double as a seat belt!  The harness is made with a foam rubber pad that molds to the pup and allows for better weight distribution.  Putting it on Fenway was easy - this harness actually makes sense.  Chest support and clasps were placed where they seem logical.  (As a vet nurse, I see a ton of patients wearing harnesses and some require a doctorate in engineering a bit of voodoo to put on or take off.)  The fit was solid - he was comfortable when I first put it on him, and immediately started leaping onto Arwen for a round of "bitey face".

Here is the back of the harness with the seatbelt attachment clipped on.

We also received a Cujo leash (great name!) and 2 Standard Extensions couplers for walking 2 dogs.  The leash has a fantastic rubber padded handle that feels just right to hold.  A far better feel than most leashes.  The Cujo leash is designed to shock absorb the impact of even the strongest pullers (I wouldn't know anything about that - hehe).  Great design, sturdy construction.  One surprise was that the leash is made of a plastic / synthetic material, not a synthetic fabric which we're mostly used to in dog gear.  But this outer construction accounts for the shock absorbency hiding within the leash - brilliant!

How do I look?

Here's a profile shot...

All in all, the only criticism I could find, is that these products are made in China, rather than the US.  I know I'd pay more for a great product like this if it were made here in this country by American labor.  Aside from this, everything from the communication to set all this up by Brady at EzyDog, the speed at which the goodies arrived, and the gear itself was spot on.  If you're looking for durable, rugged dog gear that looks good and feels right for the walker, check out EzyDog.  You might just end up being a convert from traditional leashes and harnesses!

So as the EzyDog website says: "Now go and Play!"


  1. Thank you for this review of the EzyDog products. Finding a harness to wear in the car is not easy. This harness does look like it will keep any dog secure. We will check out the leashes too.

  2. TJam is looking for a harness for Chips. She doesn't pull but she has backed out of a couple. Do you think she could back out of one of these?

  3. @ Carlsberg - Oh dear! I was trying to figure out how a pup could pull itself out of a harness and couldn't figure it out, but I guess where there's a will, there's a way. I don't think Chips would be able to pull out of this one, but I can't guarantee it. In looking over the UK version of their website, I read that returns are fine within 30 days in good condition, but postage is payed by the consumer. Good luck and I sure hope it works for you and Chips!

  4. Thank you for the info. I'm always looking for better harnesses for when Jack gets in his "I'm not ready to go home" moods!

  5. That looks pretty comfortable. But, like you, we try to stay away from things made in China. Mom can't even find us toys anymore that weren't made in China.


  6. Those look very cool!

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  7. Just the perfect timing! We are ordering one of these for Quinn who has become a bit nervous out walking. Clicking through your site to EZY Dog now. Thanks for the review.

  8. Nice. I had to check out that item for walking multiple dogs. I need one of those!


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