Monday, January 9, 2012

The Perfect Poo Spot

Arwen is as particular at shopping around for the Perfect Poo Spot as a bargain hunter with her last ten dollar bill.  This dog can truly take a 45 minute morning walk and finally select the Perfect Poo Spot when she's almost home.  I've stood in torrential rain, sleet, nor'easter snowstorms, thunderstorms (last night), and blazing 110 degree heat, tethered to a dog with sphincter control so strict, it would startle Sigmund Freud.  (Sorry to nerd out here, but I couldn't resist a bit of Psychology humor - can't let a 100K dollar education go to waste).  I kid you not, folks - the dog is made of tough stuff.  Tough, picky, hard-headed stuff.

Matt discovered a little trick recently to accelerate the Perfect Poo Spot selection process on days with miserable weather.  If breakfast is prepared in front of her before she's walked, she finds that Perfect Poo Spot in seconds.  The food is put on her plate (yes, she eats off of a lovely blue and white plate - spoiled?  No way!) - complete with fish oil, medication for urinary incontinence, salmon, chicken and a small amount of kibble - and then we do the truly unthinkable.  We leave!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she must wonder.
Poor Arwen.  She's mistreated and put upon.  Her life is one big frustration after another.

Somehow on these mornings, we are back inside, all the outside business competed within about 6 minutes.  Quite impressive, really.


"I am weak from hunger!  Carry me to the Royal Plate!"

"Going outside?!  But my food is ready?!"


  1. It's a dog thing. It can be pouring out, but the perfect spot is a must.

  2. Ciara will ONLY poop in her own yard. Thunder,Ciara, and Lightning all came from the same breeder and she had them all trained to "go potty" on command. Mom so wishes she had kept that up with all of them. Just Lightning will do it now. She keeps saying she is going to try to retrain us, but we shall see. We sibes can be very fussy:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. It's a very serious business finding the perfect poo place. Finn on the other hand thinks my purpose in life is to carry a used poo bag around with me and as soon as I've found a bin to put one in he promptly stops for me to fill another one!

  4. BOL...nothing more important then finding the perfect spot!

  5. Only the perfect spot will do.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  6. I wear out the grass looking for the perfect spot
    Benny & Lily

  7. hahahaha, this post was too funny...we sibers can be fickle!


  8. Funny - I was reading the OP Pack's note about Ciara only doing her business in her yard, and that is the same with my Gibson! Once, we walked to the vet's and they had to run extra tests because he was acting funny when they were examining him. Turns out it was a full blatter! They coudn't believe he didn't christen some trees on the walk over. Nope. Gibon only goes in his own backyard!

    Love the photos - I hope they brought you the Royal Plate before you went back out!

  9. Arwen and Quinn have the same potty habits...and the same motivator (food)! how funny!

  10. We got our priorities and preferences too. Can't just go anyold place.... If it's not the right poo spot - we need to wait until it is the perfect spot. Good Job!!!

  11. Funny - looking to the perfect spot to accomplish the great job!

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  12. If it's any comfort...I have to carry my dog kicking and screaming onto the grass. She'd just rather go on the carpet.

  13. Oh how funny! The people have outsmarted the pup! Well, desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. :)

    You need Lucky. You can tell that dog: "do your business" and he will squat - almost instantly. I felt sorry for him when his sister Katie first arrived. We were trying to teach her the term "do your business," so we would repeat that phrase several times while she was looking around for a spot to go. If she was taking too long, I would say it again "Do your business." Lucky, who of course had already done his and was back at the door waiting to go inside, would turn around, head back out to the grass, and squeeze a bit more out for me. One day he went three times while I coaxed his sister to choose her spot and get on with it. Bless his heart...


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